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To karma kagyu calendar

These are the places where you can access the content of the Karma Kagyu Calendar

We now publish calendar posts in up to 21 languages on our Facebook page, which we launched in 2012. CLICK HERE.

You can sign up to the Facebook closed group, where you can be sure to receive calendar posts. This is English only. CLICK HERE.

You can also follow us on Instagram. CLICK HERE.

On X (also known as Twitter), we publish calendar entries in shorter messages. CLICK HERE. 

NEW! Join the WhatsApp group where you can also be notified of calendar posts. CLICK HERE! Press the bell icon in the top right corner of the app to get notifications!

We also send regular newsletters about calendar entries. You can of course unsubscribe from these at any time. You can subscribe here.

You can contact us directly using these contact details

You can write an email us also. Thank you very much!

We are planning to develop Karma Kagyu Calendar apps for iOS and Android also. We are on the path. We are also planning to make Google Calendar version of the Calendar. We will inform you.