It was in the prediction of the 5th Shamarpa that the Karmapa and the Shamarpa, in their absolute purity of mind are spiritually inseparable; they are separable, however, in identity as two distinct manifestations “Manifesting sometimes as father and son, sometimes as brother-like relatives.” The prediction, in part, came true, when the Shamarpa as Jamyang Rinpoche became the 15th Karmapa’s son. Jamyang Rinpoche led a retired but fruitful life. Since a bodhisattva by whatever name is still a bodhisattva, he, in the guise of a yogi, taught and guided those who had the good fortune to know him; and his blessings radiated beyond, to all who were receptive of them. As one, who was fully enlightened, he left his foot-prints indelibly on a rock, as a gentle reminder that some things in life are beyond human scrutiny.