Cutting one's hair

Auspicious and unfavorable days - ACCORDING TO NAGARJUNA


You can find the days in the Current Calendar.

1.  Life is shortened

2. Diseases

3. Wealth is increased

4. Radiance is augmented

5. Acquisition of great wealth

6. Radiance disappears

7. Entanglement in trials, legal problems

8. Long Life

9. Negative encounters

10. Achievement of power

11. Achievement of power and intelligence

12. Detrimental to life

13. Wealth and happiness

14. Profuseness of material goods

15. Favorable auguries, auspicious

16. Expansion of Dharma and of progeny

17. The skin becomes bluish

18. Loss of all wealth

19. Longevity and increase of wealth

20. Beauty

21. Attainment of great strength

22. Numerous illnesses

23. Weatlh

24. Infectious diseases

25. Problems of evil eye

26. Most auspicious day, all kind of benefits

27. Neutral

28. Cause of hard feelings

29. The soul will be waken away by the devil

30. Meeting one's own assassin

Auspicious or unfavourable days for haircuts also apply to shaving and body hair removal according to the system we use. 

(Some, mostly Indian, calendar systems include nail trimming, but not in the system we use.)