Pocket and Wall Calendar


All printed calendars are OUT OF STOCK!

Download a printable version of the 2023 wall calendar here.

We are pleased to inform you that after months of preparation, the 2023 Karma Kagyu Calendar wall calendar and pocket calendar are now available in printed format.

What does the wall calendar look like?

The wall calendar is A3 in size and illustrated with 13 beautiful photos, including all the special days and the features of each day. The same format as the 2022 wall calendar.

The calendars have a foreword by His Holiness Karmapa.

The wall calendar runs from 1 January to 31 December 2023.

Wall Calandar 2023 cover.

What does the pocket calendar look like?

The pocket calendar was created at the suggestion of His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. The 12 centimetre high booklet is a very practical size because it really fits in your pocket and in addition to containing the special days, you can also write in it.

The pocket calendar is very durable, so that even after constant use it remains beautiful and usable at the end of the year and beyond. There are also 5 perforated (tear-out) pages at the end for quick note-taking. It also comes with a printed bookmark with a quote and a legend with pictograms for special days.

The pocket calendar runs from 1 January 2023 to 10 February 2024 (the end of the 2150th Tibetan year).

This picture will help you to imagine the size of pocket calendar.

This is what a pair of calendar pages looks like:

Look inside HERE!

How can I have THIS/them?

The application period closed already in mid-November. But we deliberately produced more and some people cancelled. So we still have a few copies of the wall calendar and the pocket calendar.

Fill in the form below and you'll receive an email from us within a day with the details.

As a preliminary, the cost of the calendar, for which we are asking for a donation: the pocket calendar is 7.2 Euro/7.6 US Dollar, the wall calendar is 13.5 Euro/14.2 US Dollar.

The shipping costs, which vary between 8 and 15 Euros within the European Union (EU) or between 15-30 Euros/16-32 US Dollars outside the EU, are requested from you.

Outside the EU there may be a customs charge.

We have worked hard to make these publications beautiful and easy to use. We hope you will enjoy them too.